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The Art of Relationship & Marriage
Accepting what is, while refusing to settle.
Taking charge of your life while letting go of control,
and all the while taking 100% responsibility
for your current reality.
This is the Essence of the Process and the Map
and the Soul of the Movement.
Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Another
The Power of The Possible:  The Book  –  The Process  –  The Movement 
are a Step-By-Step Map that allows Three Fundamental Truths to come together, powerfully lifting you into an entirely different reality.
It allows these Three Truths to work in your life simultaneously, resolving the conundrum of trying to figure out which one to follow.
You will know HOW, WHY, and WHEN to get out of your way and how to have the humility and the trust to allow what you want to just come to you, without fighting for it.
What no longer works in your life will begin to dissolve. And in its place, extraordinary changes that are way beyond what you could dream of or imagine will come.
You will begin to heal the past, to heal the pain of what happened to you, gently, safely, compassionately and for real.
To your shock and disbelief, because you've tired to get there so many times over so many years,
you will begin to experience the real Freedom of being Yourself, and Living the Life YOU have chosen.
You will become a Force for Good for those around you and for the World.
You will have a palpable healing and an inspiring impact by your very presence.
Love will begin to work beautifully in your life and will stop causing you hurt and pain.
You will no longer block the flow of Magic and be blown away by the New Possibilities, New Insights, New Outcomes and New Opportunities that will be coming into your life.
Your life will never be perfect, but it will be amazing, inspiring and real with happiness and fun you have not yet experienced.
This is not Pollyanna, or an empty promise. Many people are already living it.
This life can be yours if you want it. Do you?
Don't answer fast. Think, feel, and only then - make a leap. What do you have to lose anyway? If your life works, it will work better. And if doesn’t work the way you want it to, even in one area, then clearly, go for it!

The Power of The Possible, A Book of Hope and Inspiration,

is your first glimpse into what has always been there, waiting to be discovered.


We have kept this door closed most of our lives, pushing against it, insisting on one particular “best” outcome for a situation, being certain that we knew what’s best. Best for us, for others, for the world.

Call it arrogance, or confusion, misunderstanding, lack of knowledge or being close-minded,

We believed we knew what's best, and insisted on going it alone!

Thus this Mystical, multi-dimensional energy, the Force, that could effortlessly lift us into a whole new life experience, continued to remain inaccessible.


Because in order to allow The Power of The Possible to work in your life, to bring you unimaginable miracles and changes beyond what you’ve been dreaming of,

You have to step out of the way.


BUT HOW? How do I do that? 


To learn about The Power of The Possible Process TM – "The Art of Relationship & Marriage"

– contact Auriela directly at

In preparation, browse through this website. Read the blogs. And if you haven't yet read

The Power of The Possible, do buy the book and read it. 

You will experience clarity and a powerful, uplifting energetic shift just by doing this.


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