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"You are not here to save anyone. You are here to love. 

To heal yourself and to hold the light for others.

The Light will point the way."

– Auriela McCarthy

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The Art of Relationship & Marriage
Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Another

I was struck by a fascinating pattern. 

It appeared that at the root of all the problems I was having with them, regardless of who they happened to be, an immediate family member, a friend, a boss, a boyfriend, a husband or a colleague,

At the root of all our conflicts with each other was but one thing.

It was their “incomprehensible,” “unreasonable,” “irrational,”

“ridiculous" and “infuriating” stubbornness.

Their outright refusal to do what I had been asking them to do.


They simply WOULD NOT act the way I wanted.


They WOULD NOT behave the way I wanted.


They WOULD NOT stop doing the thing I wanted them to stop doing.


They WOULD NOT CHANGE the way I had been asking them to change!

DIdn’t they see that they were hurting me??? They claimed they loved me…Didn’t they care?

Why then?


Once many years ago, as I was looking back at my life and at all the things that had happened in my relationships with various people, people who at one time had been so important they had dominated all my thoughts and feelings, every minute of the day...

Auriela McCarthy

Why then would they be so difficult, so insistent on their own “destructive” ways?

Why would they have such total disregard for my feelings?

Ignoring what I had been asking them to do for so long?

And I wasn't just asking. I was explaining, reasoning, pleading. I was threatening, yelling, crying…?




The answer was right under my nose.

Like all the best-kept secrets, it was hidden in plain sight all of my life.

It had always been there. I just didn’t want to see it.

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I got it eventually, and it changed my life.

Years later, it became the premise for

The Power of The Possible, 

A Book of Hope and Inspiration.


And what about you?


Does any of this sound familiar?

How many times have you heard yourself say or think


“Why don’t you just listen to me??? Don’t you see that what I am saying makes sense?”


“You are destroying your life!”


“And you are destroying MY life! And Our Life.

What is it going to finally take?”


“I can’t take it anymore. Unless this stops I am leaving...”


“If you do it one more time, I will be gone…"


“How can I get my father to stop smoking? It’s killing him!!!”


“You are doing it again!! How can you do it to me??” You promised.’’


You too have tried it all. Silent disapproval, outright verbal confrontations, cold withdrawals, tears, promises to end it all right there…. and nothing changed

NOTHING changed.

Were they deaf? Blind? Did they not care? Didn’t they see?


Some of you left, some stayed and got sick, some gave up and settled for parallel lives, yet others stayed and hated every minute of it, hating themselves for staying and hating him or her for not changing. Creating their own personal hell.

It is a Dance of Pain.

We have all danced it. Many still do.

For many, this dance still dominates their every thought and every feeling.

It doesn’t end until you step off the dance floor.

It takes two to tango.

It takes but one dancer to stop the dance.


It sounds so obvious and simple when you hear it.

Not so when it comes to actually doing it.

How can I do it? How can I abandon them? What would happen to them? They need me… I am not the kind of person who does that.


I understand.

In the years since the book’s release, I have worked with countless clients, caring, intelligent people who have been struggling with this dilemma for years.

Suffering and in pain, they remained entangled in the push/pull tug-of-war with someone they loved, unable to put down their end of the rope.


Let me show you how.

Let me show you how you can set yourself free and effectively free the one you love.

The stories in The Power of The Possible are true stories of extraordinary turn-arounds in the lives of people who like you and me have been suffering and seeing no way out.

And then something changed IN THEM and nothing was ever the same.

Read the stories. It is a very important FIRST STEP. Even if you have read them already, read them again.

See what happened in other people’s lives.

Know it can happen for you too.  

Because if one can do it, so can many. Why not you?


The next step is learning and working with THE PROCESS. 


The numerous questions from readers and clients told me that more guidance was needed.

And that it was time.


Join our Private FaceBook Group,
The Art of Relationship & Marriage

"I learned more about love from

reading and reflecting on one chapter 

of The Power of The Possible

than I'd learned my entire life."

– Leslie Kirk Campbell, author of Journey Into Motherhood

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