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Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Another
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"If you're stuck on the emotional hamster wheel of life, read this book!

Wow. I thought I was in for a mere pleasant, inspiring read but what I got was complete personal transformation.

I've always loved true stories; they sink in far more efficiently than abstract theory. This book is a magic bullet, delivering much-needed tough-love and schoolin' to the scene of various ego-crimes.

Of course, if you're in that boat as I was, you wouldn't necessarily recognize it as such. I started

out reading it, thinking 'yeah, that's nice... but it doesn't really apply to me. I'm not trying to change anyone else. I'm just trying to decide what's the best thing for ME to do here.' What a clever ego-contrived diversion that was! This book not only blew the cover off some of my false mind-stories, but it helped me dis-cover (using the 3-Day Anger Letter technique) how and why I'd created them in the first place. There were several times when Auriela's words flipped reality on its head for me---portraying, via superb storytelling, that age-old truism: 'all the world's a mirror.' No matter what your particular scenario or challenge may be, a variety of life-themes is explored, so one or more of the chapters is bound to resonate with you.

Now, I read a LOT of self-improvement books, and this one really impressed me. What it is, I've come to conclude, is the World's Most Practical Guide to Quantum Jumping. Not that you'll find that sort of terminology in it, which is what makes it so damn interesting... and fruitful. You may have noticed that the vast majority of metaphysical teachings are unduly cerebral. Manifesting books usually implore us to focus on the thoughts we think, and the beliefs we wield unconsciously (which are essentially crystallized thoughts). Too often we overlook the emotions, or at best, we use them to gauge our vibration, always with the goal of moving swiftly past the 'yucky' ones.

Well, it turns out that actually feeling your unsavory emotions---allowing them their right to exist and seeing them through a wave of processing---is integral to liberating your pent-up Resistance, and THAT's what allows for real and lasting change. And what better tour guide for your metamorphosis than the wise, endearing Auriela McCarthy? This book is simply brilliant. I recommend it to all of humanity, but particularly to the hard-headed person who's been studying the Law of Attraction for years while not getting any desired results. It will launch you on a wonderful new trajectory... if you're ready and willing. Indeed, change yourself (via flushing out toxic emotional cling-ons) and your 'outer' reality returns the favor!"

– Debbianne DeRose, author of Purveyor of Practical 'Woo-Woo.'

"Dear Auriela, you do such an incredible job of lovingly showing how the biggest source of heartache people have is trying to change (control) the people they love and care about. Not only do you show why this is not possible but also and more importantly, the miracles that can come when you stop trying.

What a grand and glorious gift to give the world."

– Holly Higgins, OR

"The Power of the Possible", by Auriela McCarthy, is an incredible book! If you are stuck in relationships where you keep waiting for other people to change before you'll be okay, you have got to read this book. Ms. McCarthy shares real stories of how to transform relationships - not by pretending that you don't care anymore, but by taking your power back. She demonstrates repeatedly that if YOU change, the situation can change. It's very empowering!!"


"It has many stories which are very real and moving. The counseling is sincere and compassionate. This is a book to read and re-read. The psychological impact is very healing, hopeful, and, also very enlightening."

– Lylia

"This book was written for all the Whiners in the world who want to become Winners! As an expert Whine Tester and Whine-ologist, I'm here to tell you that Auriela McCarthy has some answers that you have never heard before and will make more sense than anything else you have ever heard. Her book is all about winning not whining! Thou Shalt Not Whine: The Eleventh Commandment: What We Whine About, Why We Do It and How to Stop."

– January Jones

"This book will surprise you and captivate you on every page! Auriela weaves true stories with powerful life teachings that invite her readers into their own transformation, allowing healing and understanding. I have read many books of this genre, but this one stands alone in eloquently and directly impacting change, both at a cognitive and deeper heart level. I highly recommend this book!"

– Jeniffer Legge

"Warning! You'll want to keep a highlighter and a pencil handy while reading this book as it contains MANY passages that are profound and have the power to transform your life. There are so many but here is one of my favorite:

Maybe the one thing by which we will evaluate our life at the very end of it will be--how good was I at love?

My heart swells as I write this! This book is all about to love yourself, how to love your partner better, what happens when we put love first in our lives and what happens when we turn away from it. It is an essential read for anyone wanting to heal their hearts and love more.

T'his is NOT a lofty self help book. The voice of the author is definitely confident yet gentle and reassuring, like a good friend. The true stories weaved into the chapters make it accessible and inspirational.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants more love, more healing, and more satisfaction in their life and relationships."


– ARI Services

“Wow! You don’t need me to tell you this is an individually and collectively life-changing work! Thank you so much! I saw your book on the counter yesterday and got a copy – nice that it was already autographed!  It’s an easy read for such a deep subject, and I could hardly put it down! I started last night in the middle (resolving paradox) and came to the end today. At times my eyes misted over, and at times I got chills!! This is a book to study, not just read repeatedly, which I certainly intend to do. I can’t wait to read it through from the beginning this time!

Congratulations on your success! You are certainly a light-bearer as your name suggests!”

– Mozelle, CA​

"I want this book at my fingertips to read over and over, allowing it to open wherever it pleases. Some pages are dog eared and there are crumbs in the creases. Every time I read it I am lifted, my heart opens and there is more space for love. The Power of the Possible has made it clear what really matters in my relationships."

– Alicia Forester, Mill Valley, CA


"I had so many aha moments. The moments when the mind finally connects with one’s soul. I write up passages and read them over and over until they are secure in my mind."


– Tricia Ryan, Marketing Expert   



"In the timeless tradition of story-telling sages, Auriela McCarthy weaves a tapestry of parables to melt away pain and resistance, clearing the pathway toward profound healing of the heart".


– Terence Yallop - CEO Real Music  

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful book.  It fills me up.  Bless you a thousand fold for your loving care through these words.  Remember you gave me your book at Jody's event.  I think of you daily and give thanks for all your brilliant messages."


– Debra Sale Wendler,  

"You're an angel, Auriela!  Thank you so much for bringing me "The  Power of the Possible"-- what a gift!!!  I could not put it down from the moment I opened the front cover!  This book comes to me during a very intense time of healing and reflection, and has been a great tool to use in this process. You write beautifully, and with such clarity and purpose.  I feel as if you are in the room with me, sharing your experiences and understanding while I have the inner experience of opening up.  This is a book I will want to read again and share with others who are in their own process of healing.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thoughts on love, relationship, forgiveness and letting go with me.  I can only hope to put this new insight to use (I know I'm coming out of this reading with some great new quotes to post around!"


– Jen Sterling

"I finished reading your book and it is BEAUTIFUL! Oprah will LOVE it! I enjoyed all of it, but was particularly touched by your stories about how we can't change other people. In the classes I teach, the biggest source of heartache people talk about is their unsuccessful attempts to change (control) the people they love and care about. You do such an incredible job of lovingly showing how this is not possible and more importantly, the miracles that can come when you stop trying. Through these stories and all the other truths that you share, you are helping people to make love safer. What a grand and glorious gift to give the world. I'm going to read your book again next week so that I can go deeper."


– Holly Higgins, Oregon  

"This is a book of such heart, such wisdom. It is a multifaceted gem that does not cease for a moment to inspire, expand, and open the mind to all the joy and wonder of what it would be like to live a life truly worth living. Reading it does not only give profound and meaningful insight into the workings of love and relationships, but it throws wide open the windows and doors of possibility; showing us that having it all does not have to be a distant dream but can be a reality that we can actually create; each one of us. If I were to recommend one book to someone about living their best life, this would be it."


– Halla Ayla, Artist

"My favorite parts of the book, hands down, are the stories. I have not met all of the people who belong to each of the tellings, but I feel like I know them intimately. The woman who could not leave her marriage and the man that found the freedom to act through acceptance are the best in my memory, and the son who forgave."


– Barbara James, Mill Valley, CA

"Hello Auriela, Lori and I met you at East West bookstore, and then purchased a couple of copies of your book. One book was given to a friend, that ended up highly recommending it as it helped her get through some issues with her partner.


From time to time we recommend products and books that we think will help enhance people's lives. Your book is one of those books, and we think your work is truly remarkable."


– Warm regards, Amber & Lori  


"Just a quickie note to say, I once again picked up your book and started reading it .. . this time from the beginning. (before I was reading selected chapters) note: For a few days I was 'searching' for the impetus and impulse to design a rather "boring" calendar print project. . . of course to make it fabulous & gorgeous. Once again, I am completely enchanted. It is so true... there are messages between those words... And yes, I am now inspired to design something wonderful." "Later I'm hopping on to and ordering one for several of my friends." Thank You!


– Mari Smith, San Francisco



"This is a book you'll want to read with your highlighter, journal, and post-it notes handy. It contains a wealth of unforgettable passages to contemplate and that will change your life."


– Jill Ingersoll



"I read the book, and I found it very useful and touching. I particularly liked the part regarding the energy of acceptance that changes the dynamic of the relationship. Personally I was also touched by the topic on the acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves and I cried for two days at least.......because it really made me realize something deep about myself.


– Love, Daniela



"Your book landed in my hands by chance while shopping at Borders for a book for my best friend on Mother's Day. As I pulled a different book from the bookshelf, your book pulled it self forward as well - I grabbed it and off I went to purchase.


I have struggling with Divorce, Deception, a new job... Thank you for you wonderful book - I have read it twice now and am using it for strength."


– Dana H.



"I find the book quite fantastic, especially for the many people out there starved for the new relationship love paradigm. I read it as a writer, as much as I did being an individual thinking about my relationships. To my perception, the reader gets a bargain - the book was actually three books in one! I enjoyed most the description of the qualities of a good loving relationship that was the 'third book' within your book. The 'first book' it seemed to me was mainly on the topic of how trying to always be right got in the way of love and how one cannot change the partner. Everyone needs to be reminded of that for sure!


The 'middle book' was on healing a lot of the emotional wounding from relationships and getting the self back into healthiness, self-respect and self-caring. I found the references to your own stories the most refreshing, enjoyable, and empowering. I really wish you had written more about yourself - your odyssey is a great story right there - how you made it through dysfunctional relationships and co-dependency etc. into the wonderful loving and transcendent experience. I hope that many many people read your book. Your Mission is extraordinarily needed."


– Ginger Metraux  



"...On a personal note, some of your wisdom from you book really was helpful yesterday, thank you."


– Richard W. California

"Relationship expert Auriela McCarthy's life-changing new book tells us we must lose the battle of being right to win the war of being happy. With compassion and rare clarity of insight, McCarthy tells the stories of ordinary people who have reached their breaking points: a woman married to an alcoholic who will not stop drinking, a mother facing an impossible choice, a woman dying of cancer seeking to forgive her cheating husband, a son who must open his heart to forgiveness. The people in these stories hit rock bottom before they learn to stop struggling – that they can't change other people's behaviors, but only their own. This creates extraordinary changes in their lives. These are stories of human triumph, but their triumph is not of will, but of surrender. "

– Good Reads

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