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Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Another

“It looked like as if it were going to be just another

day. Another day filled with anxiety and depression;

another day of fear and worry; another day in an

emotionally abusive relationship over which I felt

powerless; another day of too much pot; another day

of not knowing how to end the misery.”

Then I met with Auriela – and my life would change forever!

Auriela had always been my spiritual guide, but this was different. She told me in no uncertain terms where I was headed if my life continued as it was. But she spoke in a way that did not make me feel judged. If this was how I wanted my life to be, it was not bad or wrong. She would still love me, regardless of my choices.

Then she spoke of possibilities, possibilities of a different future.  A future filled with all that I could imagine – a future that I could actually create.

Dazed by so much information, I went for a long walk.  Suddenly, I felt that future at the core of my being.  I found my power.  I knew my divine path. That very day, I had a miracle that would help me end my year-and-a-half relationship and it was EASY!  The depression, anxiety, fear and worry lifted.  Within a month, I moved out of my small studio apartment of 22 years, to a new, one-bedroom apartment in a much nicer community.

Every day seemed to bring new possibilities and miracles!  In a short time, I moved again, this time to a cottage with a yard.  I got a dog – something that I had dreamed of for more years than I could remember.  Money became less of an issue.  The drug abuse ended.  My life was now on God’s path.

I believe Auriela saved my life!”

– Lee M., San Rafael, CA


”…I could walk into that room with my head held high. You helped me get back my dignity.” 


– L. S.


“The forgiveness meditations were fantastic. I’ve been fighting a sinus infection for over 2 months. Two weeks ago I finally went to the doctor to get antibiotics, a desperate move for me (I avoid them as much as possible), but the antibiotics didn’t even work. I was at my wits end.

After doing the meditation to forgive others my sinus infection went away!  I’ve been holding on to some hurt feelings towards my family (in regards to my cancer experience). I didn’t think it was possible, but I was finally able to let go of my hurt feelings. I didn’t understand these last 2 months that my sinus infection was connected to my anger towards my brothers and mother. I’m still amazed at how easy it was to forgive them, I was thinking that my relationship with them would never be the same. I was at a crossroads.

In one morning I rid myself of hurt feelings and a sinus infection, WOW!! Thank you so much."


– Wendy M.


“Thanks again for tonight…I have never felt so good and full of hope as when we parted.  You don’t realize your gift…if I worked with anyone else, instead of 2.5 hours it would have taken 25!”


– Richard W.


“Before meeting with you yesterday, I have been having left side facial twitches and right side breast twitches the past 5 days.  The week before Christmas, before the eruption, my left teeth were so sore, I could barely eat…the dentist xrayed them and said nothing was wrong.  Yesterday when I told you the story and started going on about my moms teeth clenching, I was really taken aback on how attached I was to that, and rightfully so, you stopped me.  It shocked me and I so knew you were right….you have the gift…….I had no idea that stuff was still there, except to say the past week or so I felt so not seen/heard from my mother and sister.

I do not know if thru my writing I am expressing what a miracle this was to me.  Never have your words been so true as they were last nite and never my resistance to them so low.  You cut so thru the chase and I had no dispute.”

– R. W.


“I would like to say something really amazing to you about Sunday, but the experience has left me stunned and so drained that I caught a cold! I did have a deep event though and it somehow stirred my psyche. The main thing I am noticing is that my BAD reoccurring almost nightly dreams are GONE!! Instead of looking for my clothes and being homeless, I went shopping in my sleep last night.”  


– Mary, NYC



“I am finally getting it.  This morning the same…..had to give myself permission to feel the fear without the spin and drama/amplification.  Just felt it and it passed.  It is not to push the fear back, di-sect it, etc…no, it is just to feel it and get on with it.  What a concept!”  


– Richard

Due to the very personal nature of the experiences shared, no photos and, in most cases, only first names of the people who write to Auriela can be shared.


“My dear Auriela, You are in my heart forever. I have so much to thank you for and not enough cards or letters…You helped me a lot… All your wisdom is ‘gold’ for me, and  it made me expand. Thank you for everything…”

– Akgun Kavas, NY


“My unending faith in Auriela derives from her ability to articulate the most esoteric ideas in easily understandable terms. I wanted to express my deep devotion to her because she has done more for me emotionally, spiritually and personally than anyone I have ever known.”

– Lois Silverman, NYC



“Auriela has been a tremendous teacher for me.As I’ve been making my way into the unknown territory of loving another, she has provided great insight and wisdom. Our conversations have often taken place when I’ve been challenged in my relationship. Her advice has helped me take the next steps in both my heart and mind to having a beautiful relationship of my own. With much love."

– E. S., CA


"Auriela is a source of endless inspiration for me because she is so real, compassionate, caring, has immense courage, persistence, hope and vision and continually renews these qualities.  She is able to empathize without ever viewing anyone as a victim or feeling sorry for them.  She has come to know that she is both loved and powerful, and this is the empowering resonance she holds for others.  It is elevating to be around Auriela.  Although she will always be growing and changing, Auriela is not someone who is teaching what she is trying to learn but someone who is sharing what she has already learned, or perhaps more accurately, come to truly know."


– Karen Kael, RealMusic, Sausalito, CA


"I have known Auriela McCarthy intimately for several years.  Auriela is a woman that I respect, love, admire and trust.  Her wisdom and advice cut to the core of every issue.  You walk away from every discussion enriched and redirected to a path that has been cleared of the clutter that we all gather through our lives and experiences.


I asked Auriela if she would share the as yet unpublished chapter on marriage because I was going to officiate at the wedding of my granddaughter and was looking for wisdom to include in the ceremony.  I was half way through the chapter when I started to experience pure magic.  Unresolved issues from my divorce were surfacing for clearing and review. 


I realized that her writing had reached into my very Soul to extract the damage and beliefs that had held me back from everything I had been claiming I wanted but was unable to create in my life.  It wasn't just in the was in between the words.  This is an inspired work that will change your life. I began to think if just one chapter can create this kind of change. Imagine what the entire book can do? 

Whether writing or speaking her wisdom I encourage all of you who read these words to buy her books, listen to her tapes and hasten to see any of her public presentations.  Rarely in your life will you have the opportunity to create the kind of change that this amazing woman will facilitate for you.   


Thank you, Auriela, for coming forward to share your amazing wisdom with the world as it has awaited your arrival!  


"With love and gratitude for sharing your light on the planet."


– Jackie Salvitti,, Las Vegas, NV



"When I heard Auriela read a chapter from her wonderful new book, I felt as though she was speaking directly to me; the example she used was the exact situation I had just experienced in my relationship! I was touched by her depth of wisdom, love and insights which were truly extraordinary. As a discerning reader in this arena, I am thrilled to report that Auriela brings an unusual depth, cohesiveness and ease in her treatment of this very complex subject which in itself could fill a library. I highly recommend this hope-filled book to anyone desiring to create more deeply loving, satisfying relationships in any area of their life."


– Linda Hetzel, CA

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