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The Power of The Possible
is an Energy Field, a Resonance that we step into, when we stop fighting our current circumstances.
When this energy operates in our life
The improbable becomes probable, the impossible – possible, incredible opportunities show up out of the blue, drawn to us like metal filaments to a magnet.
Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Another
It is available to everyone, at any time.
It is our birth right, and it has always been available to YOU.  
When we stop hating and pushing against what doesn’t work in our life, The Power of The Possible can turn our reality on a dime.

And here is the rub. And the conundrum.

HOW do you do it? And WHY SHOULD you? (Especially if you hate the way certain things are in your life and find them unacceptable?).

The answers will surprise you. Like the best kept secrets, they have been hiding in plain sign all your life.

To quote the author January Jones:

"Auriela McCarthy will give you the answers you've never heard before that will make more sense than anything you have ever heard."

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Accepting what is, is not a new concept.
It is one of the cornerstones of Buddhism. If you have tired living from that place (and many have,)
you know that this is easier said than done.
It also appears contrary to what we are taught in the West, where in order to achieve anything
we must take charge, be in control, never give up, never settle, act, and even take "massive action."
Most have tried that, with various results.  And even if the results were great, how lasting was the inner peace and how deep was the satisfaction?
"Accepting what is" often does not sit well with the metaphysics of the New Age either. We are told
we create our own reality 100%, no exception, and we also create the consequences of it.
This one continues to bring up more questions and more resistance and more frustration than anything else.
To so many, it simply “doesn’t make sense “.
And to make things even more confusing,
All three of the above mentioned concepts are True and Correct!
Take charge of your life, never settle, accept your current circumstances
and don't fight them, realize that everything that is happening in your
life is your own creation.
Now that you’ve read this last paragraph, it does ring true, doesn't it? And it feels good, empowering,
hopeful and light-filled. Correct? It feels exciting. Because you have just touched THE TRUTH. And you
know, in your very gut, that amazing things are possible. Possible for you. And that they are just around
the corner!
Welcome to The Power of The Possible at work.
You have read a paragraph and experienced an energetic shift.
Your Resonance lifted and the door to What’s Possible swung open.
And all you did was read the paragraph. The right paragraph.
The right words. Expressing THE TRUTH. Imagine what reading the entire book would do?
Imagine what learning and using THE PROCESS will bring into your life?
Imagine becoming part of THE MOVEMENT?
The unstoppable Movement that will be erasing the patters of achieving things through struggle and
replacing them with allowing things to come to you with ease?
THE BOOK opened that door.
THE PROCESS will teach you how keep it open.
THE MOVEMENT will make it your State of Being.
So that the world changes by your very presence.
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