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Auriela McCarthy is the best-selling author of an Award-Winning book 

The Power of The Possible, A Book of Hope and Inspirationa Relationship Expert and Creator of The Power of The Possible PROCESS (TM).

She has been called a Teacher of Love, a Healer of Souls, a Spiritual Dear Abbey and a Wise Woman.

She calls herself a Mystic with both feet planted firmly on the ground of common sense because of her direct and grounded approach to some of the toughest issues we are all grappling with in every day life.


Auriela’s teachings are a powerful blend of mysticism, metaphysics and practical, down-to-earth logic.

Auriela McCarthy

What makes her truly stand out as a teacher and healer is her amazing ability to explain complex esoteric concepts in the most accessible and understandable way.  Which is remarkable given the fact that most of the things she teaches are counter-intuitive, and yet, once examined and explained, they become so obvious you wonder how you could have missed them before.


Auriela’s been successful in helping people to forgive themselves for what they believed had been unforgivable, and also forgive others, thus setting themselves free of their painful past.

Hearts heal, relationships and marriages at the brink of breaking turn around. People recognize they matter, and their lives matter, and find renewed hope for a different future.  

Her clients seek her advice on every life issue. People talk about amazing, core level shifts that happen "between the words," changing their lives forever.


For over 20 years Auriela has been a spiritual mentor, a counselor, a guide and a Relationship Expert, a speaker and a workshop leader, touching the lives of thousands of people all over the world and from all walks of life.  

Her message is: Nothing Changes until You Do.

Her expertise is LOVE.



“You don’t realize your gift…if I worked with anyone else,

instead of 2.5 hours it would have taken 25!”


– Richard W.

“I believe Auriela saved my life!”


– Lee M.


“In one morning I rid myself of hurt feelings and a sinus infection, WOW!!

Thank you so much.”


– Wendy M.


“Rarely in your life will you have the opportunity to create the kind of change

that this amazing woman will facilitate for you.”  

– Jackie S.


”I could walk into that room with my head held high.

You helped me get back my dignity.”


– L. S.

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