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THE POWER OF THE POSSIBLE, A Book of Hope and Inspiration - 10 CD Audio book

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By Auriela McCarthy

Read by Auriela McCarthy

Relationship expert Auriela McCarthy's life-changing new book tells us we must lose the battle of being right to win the war of being happy. With compassion and rare clarity of insight, McCarthy tells the stories of ordinary people who have reached their breaking points: a woman married to an alcoholic who will not stop drinking, a mother facing an impossible choice, a woman dying of cancer seeking to forgive her cheating husband, a son who must open his heart to forgiveness. The people in these stories hit rock bottom before they learn to stop struggling – that they can't change other people's behaviors, but only their own. This creates extraordinary changes in their lives. These are stories of human triumph, but their triumph is not of will, but of surrender. The Power of the Possible uses the ancient tradition of storytelling as a way to heal the pain of your heart and teach you how to make powerful changes in your own life. These stories will challenge your thinking, bring tears to your eyes, and astonish you with their unexpected endings. And they will change you in profound ways as you realize that each story is a story about you.

Unabridged Audio Book 10 CD set

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