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Excerpts from what people have written to Auriela over the years, starting with the most recent unsolicited testimonials posted on Facebook.

Due to the very personal nature of the comments, no photos and, in some cases, no names or only the first names of the people can be shared.

 "I listened to the Master Class and then embarked on a two month intensive journey with Auriela as my “guide”  which  COMPLETELY changed my life. There is SO MUCH to be gleaned from her videos, and her book and from her class... the below statement says it all!  ... basically (in a nut shell) I went from a state of complete apathy and feeling entirely resigned & defeated to a life, a career, and a marriage that is so full of energy and magic and hope that I can hardly believe it is true! (Yet IT IS!)   THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU, Auriela !!!    
– Alyx Halsey

"Thank you so much. I have searched and searched for years for a way to heal. Over ten years of therapy and years of schooling becoming a therapist myself, trying to understand how to heal. And all I had to do was find you, lol.    
Auriela McCarthy's program has changed my life. A complete 180. Never have I experienced joy, love, compassion and self-kindness like I am now."   
– Billie Jean Watkins

"Just when I thought I had the breakthrough of my life with ONE meditation, 
the next one came along and would surpass it!"
– A.H.

Auriela, you have given me my life back in less than a week. I was like a shell of myself. I wanted to post to this group to let everyone know how profoundly Auriela has helped me. Her life-changing program impacted me so immensely that I can't even remember the person I was before or the old ways I used to think. Through my work with Auriela I healed myself at so many levels and my life and perspective on life looks nothing similar to how it did only half a year ago.
I can't thank Auriela enough! 
– Holly Lev

"I went through her eight week program which  helped me immensely! I have been to numerous counselors over the years, read more books and articles on relationships and communication than I can even begin to count, and in just a matter of weeks after working with her I have a sense of peace about my life and I feel much more in control.  I feel as though things have changed and improved in ways I cannot really put into words! It's the type of transformation/emotional release that energetically can create shifts that seem as though whole mountains ARE being moved/removed!"    
– Alyx Halsey

"I realize that wherever I go I am always talking about you and your program. I just love it so much. Second, I feel so happy about the invisible wall between me and my son that broke offa few days ago. I keep on checking it now and then just to find that it's not there anymore."   
– Nidhi K.

"...Thanks again… I have never felt so good and full of hope. You don’t realize your gift… if I worked with anyone else, instead of 2.5 hours it would have taken 25!"   
– Richard W. 

"...It somehow stirred my psyche. The main thing I am noticing is that my BAD reoccurring almost nightly dreams are GONE!! Instead of looking for my clothes and being homeless, I went shopping in my sleep last night."
– Mary, NYC

… Rarely in your life will you have the opportunity to create the kind of change that this amazing woman will facilitate for you.
– Jackie Salvittie, Las Vegas

"...It looked  as if it were going to be just another day filled with anxiety and depression; another day of fear and worry; another day in an emotionally abusive relationship over which I felt powerless; another day of not knowing how to end the misery.  Then I met with Auriela – and my life would change forever!  
Suddenly, I felt the future at the core of my being.  I found my power.  I knew my divine path. That very day, I had a miracle that would help me end my relationship and it was EASY! The depression, anxiety, fear and worry lifted.  Within a month, I moved out of my small studio apartment of 22 years, to a new, one-bedroom apartment in a much nicer community…  I believe Auriela saved my life!"
 – Lee M., San Rafael, CA

"...I could walk into that room with my head held high.
You helped me get back my dignity."
– L.S.

"Dear Auriela, you do such an incredible job of lovingly showing how the biggest source of heartache people have is trying to change (control) the people they love and care about. Not only do you show why this is not possible but also and more importantly, the miracles that can come when you stop trying. 
What a grand and glorious gift to give the world."
 – Holly Higgins, OR


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