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"…There is a mystical quality to choice. When it is made unequivocally and with absolute clarity of will, it will override all our conditioning, all our previous choices, and all the beliefs we hold. At that level, the choice we make can transform and change everything….”

–– Auriela McCarthy, The Power of The Possible


More excerpts:

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

Chapter One: What Can I Do to Get Him to Change? 13
    Hold on to Your Dreams 23
    Trust the Power of the Possible 27
    The Law of Resonance 32
    The Resonance of Hope 37
    The Resonance of America 38

Chapter Two: Hitting Bottom 42
    The Wife of an Alcoholic 44
    Transcendence 54
    Letting Go of Control 57

Chapter Three: A Mother’s Story 60
    The Shock 60
    The Shift 77
    Breaking the Psychic Contract 80

Chapter Four: The Son Who Forgave His Father 86
    Robert’s Story 89
    The Gift of Forgiveness 96
    The Mystery of Change 98

Chapter Five: To Stay or to Leave. Forgiving the Unforgivable 102
    The Process of Healing Has Four Phases:  Realization, Feeling, Forgiveness, and Change 115
    Realization 115
    Feeling the Sorrow, Feeling the Pain 116
    Forgiving the Unforgivable 119
    Forgiveness Is a State of Grace 124
    Accepting Yourself 126
    Four Principles of Self-Acceptance 127
    Making the Right Decision 128

Chapter Six: All about Love 139
    Compromise in a Relationship 144
    Four Principles of Synergy 146
    The Danger of Building Resentments 150
    Remember the Love 154
    The Voice of the Negative Ego 158
    Let’s Talk about Love 160
    Making Love Work 165
    Knowing Where You Belong 168


Chapter Seven: Till Death Do You Part 174
    The Sacredness of a Vow 178
    The Power of the Subconscious Mind 183
    The Sacred Covenant of Choice 186
    Security Versus Freedom: Resolving the Paradox 188
    Commitment as a Choice 190
    Mykaell’s Marriage Proposal 191
    Growing Spiritually in a Spiral Motion 197
    Letting Go of the Past 199
    The Ritual of Undoing the Vows 204
    Our Sacred Ceremony 209
    Synchronicities 212

Chapter Eight: When Love Is not Enough 220
    The Difference between Resignation and Surrender 227
    Feeling Remorse, Forgiving Ourselves 231
    Communication:  Why It Is Difficult and How to Make It Work 236
    Two Things We Must Never Do 239
    Three Fears that Come with Relationship 240
    The Destructive Power of Self-Pity 248
    Pain as an Avenue of Growth 250

In Conclusion 255

The Next Step 259

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