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How My Life Has Changed with the Release of "The Power of the Possible."

It is one thing to write a book, quite another – to become an author. Let me start this blog by apologizing to all my readers for not having written anything here since the beginning of January. My only excuse is that ever since the release of The Power of the Possible in mid. January my life has been taken over by a huge storm of activities – all of it exciting, all of it good, just - all of it at once! By now I have probably given around 30 radio interviews and have traveled for a month with the East Coast Book Tour. I have also spent a week at the Caribbean island at my son’s wedding, which was amazing and overwhelmingly beautiful and filled my heart with joy. I love Love! Everything I write is about Love. I guess one can say I have been busy! And oh, yes, I have also recorded a 10 CD audio set of The Power of the Possible which you can get on my website Be careful if you listen to it while driving - I have been told that my voice puts people into trance! I have discovered how much I enjoy talking at book stores and how much I love answering questions. I do have a fantastic time with the audience. Very often people buy several copies of The Power of the Possible at once, for themselves and for their friends, which is very heart-warming. By the way, if you haven’t gotten the book yet, you can get it from my website, and if send me note, I will be happy to sign it for you.

Wonderful emails from readers continue to come, lots of books are being sold, I am trying to carve out some time for the next book (the second in the series of 3) which I will begin soon…and we are re-doing the website to reflect all the changes. I teach very powerful meditations on Forgiveness of yourself and of another. They too are available on my website. My gift to you! They are extremely effective and the results will astound you, especially if you have been trying to forgive and found yourself unable to do it. These mediations can be life-changing. They have certainly been that for me. I have done them many times and will continue to do so every time I feel I need to forgive deeper.

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