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2 Ways To Live A Life.

These are two of my favorite quotes. Both are by Albert Einstein: "There are 2 ways to live a life. One, as if nothing is a miracle, and another - as if everything is a miracle." And "You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew." Think back on these words as you read this blog. I won't be telling you anything new if I say that we are living at a time of change. The visible change may feel exciting or disconcerting, frightening or hopeful, depending on your point of view. This is not the change I am talking about. Listen. Something amazing and grand that has never happened in the history of humanity is also happening right now, and if you are not yet aware of it, it is simply because you are in the midst of it. You are so much a part of it that you don't notice. I want you to notice. What I am talking about is a change in Consciousness. People everywhere are waking up as if from a deep sleep. Re-evaluating everything, asking questions they never did before. Going through a profound change in their value system. Let me quote Michael Beckwith, speaking on Oprah, saying the same thing: "People want to know about their purpose, why are they here on the planet? It's the question that won't go away, because the answer reveals that we are here to wake up, to discover our true nature - our gifts, talents and capacities - and to express them. That's why we're here." For this, you need to be able "to see the world anew." Einstein knew this decades and decades and decades ago. He was, afer all - Albert Einstein:). Did he also know that the time would come when seeing the world anew would become imperative? "But Auriela, here you go again. Can't I just "be," please? I have enough on my plate as it is..." In a word, No. You can't just be. You could in the past. Not anymore. Now you have two choices: you can be dragged along kicking and screaming or - you can have fun with it! Because it is already happening! Think back a few years. Notice the difference between then and now. What once had been so "out there," and "weird" has become main stream thinking. Here are but a few examples: People talk about beliefs and the need to change them in the most mundane way. People talk about The Law of Attraction fully expecting you to understand. They talk about thinking positively and about focusing on gratitude. They talk about forgiveness they way they never did before. "Normal" people, not people like me who have been talking about it for decades. No longer are we weird, "too much," too "New Age"... These days I am asked to explain these concepts in depth on the radio. The same people that used to laugh at the idea of creating their own reality, are now accepting it, saying things like "there is no such thing as an accident..." Yes, something very different is going on. Something as monumental as an Awakening of Consciousness. And it is sweeping the planet and reaching everyone. Suddenly the person you'd least expect is saying to you: "just give it over to the Universe," and you do a double-take. Did you hear correctly? You did. Not only did he say it, he said it matter-of-factly. You also notice that you are wanting more from your life. Caring about things you didn't think "you had time for" before. You are reaching for meaning, for purpose, for Self-Discovery. You know that your relationship with YOU is what will determine how happy, how successful and how much love you will have in your life. Regardless of how it "appears" to everyone else. Think about it. This is very new. Not new for "seekers." They have existed throughout history. Philosophers, monks, metaphysicians ... A handful of them, really. But the "regular guys and gals" who are busy working, raising kids, paying bills, mortgages, insurances, caring for the aging parents. Those who "had no time" to look inward - now find the time. This is change at the very core. A fundamental change in values. We have no measuring devices to quantify the extent of it. We couldn't see the exact moment it had begun. Such is the mystery of change. All you can see is the result of it. And right now, all of us, every human being on earth is experiencing this change. Compelled to wake up. Compelled to become more. It is a continuous process, far from complete, taking place at this very moment. Where can this change take us? To the most incredible, positive, fantastic, beyond imagination, fabulous future. Did I scare you? Worry not. It's a gradual process. Gradual precisely because it is so frightening. How can a great future be frightening? Easily. Haven't you heard about "the devil you know"... that is better than the one you don't know? Change can be frightening because the Unknown is frightening. The Chaos that accompanies change is frightening. The uncertainty of it. But frightening or not - you cannot stop it. You cannot control it. Not you, not me, not anyone. Not this change. Imagine a huge wave coming at you as you are swimming in the ocean. If you fight it, it will just crash you, if you try to swim away from it, it will catch up with you in no time. The only way for you to make it - is to ride it! Except: You can't ride this wave while also pulling your old baggage behind you. The wave will break it apart. And if you don't let go, it will destroy you as well. For anything New to be created something Old has to be destroyed. It's a non-negotiable Law of how things work in our reality. Think about it and you will find plenty of examples. Here are some:

-For forgiveness to be real, the old hatred has to die. -For a child to be born, the pregnancy must end. -For the new leaves to come out in spring, the old leaves must shrivel and fall off. -For you to be happy, your addiction to being sorry for yourself must go. -For you to be successful, your desire to punish your parents or your ex by showing them how they messed up your life must die... If you want to keep the old baggage, you can't make the change to the New World. Is such a high price worth paying? And what's so precious in this baggage anyway? Your old hurts and disappointments? Suffering and struggle? Painful memories and righteousness? Your addiction to blame? Your sorrows? Your rage...? The past is receding. Losing its potency. It takes more and more of our energy to work at keeping it alive. The energy we can use to create an amazing future. I want to show you the steps, so you can do it safely. The pain can end. It can be healed. And then - left behind. The past can be forgiven and then - let go of. Many have done it. You can too. I know it because I've been there. If I hadn't healed so much of the pain, I would not be here to write this blog. I would have no right to write it. Listen. There is a Future waiting for you that will blow your mind! With miracles, small and large, that will astound you and make you weep. But you have to be willing to have them. And you have to be here to experience them. The old is dying. And with it - the old ways. The old ways of being, of solving problems, of dealing with life. They don't work anymore. Or haven't you noticed it already? I will start teaching The Power of The Possible PROCESS soon. It will have a Guide Book, to accompany the original book, The Power of The Possible, a book of Hope and Inspiration. The PROCESS is the Next Step.

If you are not yet a member of our community, please join us, and you will be among the first to know when it becomes available. I will be offering The PROCESS responding to my Soul's call. Doing this work feeds my Soul beyond anything I can say.

I want to have the honor of being there for your "aha" moments. Seeing or sensing (if you do it on line) your eyes after a meditation. Seeing the light that hasn't been there before. The light that stays! It is Your light, and it scares you more than your darkness. Yet, you go for it anyway! This takes my breath away.

All for now, With Love and Hope, Auriela.

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