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More on the "Unspeakable."

Here is this week's food for thought: To give you a sense of how powerful this work is I will share with you something one woman wrote to me after attending the evening. (With her permission of course.) "...A day or so after our Rage session and the meditation retrieving some of the power that we have given away over the years, I got really sick. I thought that it must be the flu, but then it lasted less than 24 hours - diarrhea, vomiting, fever. It left as quickly as it came on and I am left with an intuition that it was not a virus, but rather my body letting go of a lot of old stuff - churned up by the work on Tuesday... I lost 3 pounds of old stuff!...Powerful work!" Will you be surprised to hear that when this woman came to the next class she looked different? And no, it was not that she was 3 pounds thinner. This - I couldn't see. And yet the difference was unmistakable. It was in her eyes. They had more light, more sparkle. Her posture seemed different too, as did her energy. If I had to put into words the intangible of an internal change - which is a challenge in itself - I would say she had more space for joy, more peace and also - more wonder and more excitement about life. Am I being poetic? I am not. Other people saw that too. You could not miss it. Were the 24 hours of physical discomfort worth this change? You decide. Does this happen every time? Absolutely not. Does it have to happen for the change to be real? Again, no. But it can. The physical body is usually the last one to catch up. And when it does, the symptoms are not unlike those of detoxification. When you have a physical malady that requires surgery - like an appendix that has to be removed so that it doesn't burst and kill you, you expect to be weak and in pain for a while after the surgery. You also expect the scar to remain tender to the touch and to hurt for some time. But this doesn't stop you. You go ahead and have the surgery anyway. Because you want to live. Because you don't want to be poisoned by the stuff that will spill out of your appendix if it were to burst. Is an inflamed appendix (or a stomach ulcer, or a tumor...) any different from rage (or shame, or envy, or guilt...) that - as long as it remains unaddressed - is putrefying and rotting inside your body? Is there any connection between an organ that is sick and a constricting emotion that's stuffed into it? Of course there is. A direct connection. Even our medical doctors - more and more of them - are joining the Metaphysicians who have been saying this all along. Can unaddressed emotions kill you just as easily as a burst appendix or any other terminal illness? You bet. Can they be healed? Leading to increased physical health, turning back the clock on aging? Absolutely. In my past, I had several incidents of being taken to the emergency room with internal bleeding. A few of those times - "in the last minute." Why was I bleeding high up in my stomach, right where it meets the heart? What was it my heart knew and "could not stomach"..? These questions were right in my face. I had to make a choice: to continue to avoid the real pain that led to the bleeding, or - to look it straight in the eye and to begin to heal it. The body doesn't lie. We can lie to ourselves, but only for so long. I am healthier now than when I was 19 years old. Yes, you read this correctly. (And my son is older than 19 now.) Let me ask you this: Does your physical health matter to you? Would you like to have vitality and aliveness regardless of your age? Do you want to have more energy so you can create what you've been dreaming about? Do you want to be able to act on what you know about The Law of Attraction: think happy, positive thoughts and feel happy positive feelings, so you can attract more of it into your life? Do you want to be able to do it for real, and not for 5 minutes, and then plunge back into anxiety, or fear, or worry or doubt, or - rage? It starts with an awareness: I have pain I have not been willing (or ready) to touch. And it is followed by choice: I am making myself matter: I will heal my pain. I will celebrate my life. Followed by acting upon that choice. Many paths can take you there. Take the one that calls you. The School of Hope and Inspiration is one of them. Is it the one for you? If it is, you will know. Our door is wide open. All for now. Send your thoughts, questions and comments, you know I always respond, and usually - in depth.


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