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Life at a Time of Chaos.

Hello, dear Friends, I am sure by now you've all noticed that there are some very volatile energies at play in our world at this time. So much pain, so much devastation, the chaos, the loss, the utter nightmare of it... . The pain and destruction we see in the world are the outer manifestations of what's going on for so many internally, right now, in their own private lives.

You know what I am talking about. Things are not smooth, they haven't been smooth for a long time, and because we are living at the time of Great Change, at a time of the monumental Shift in Consciousness, we can expect more upheaval and more chaos and more change as the years unfold. The birthing process is not an easy one. The woman in labor is not a "happy camper." How about the World? Because this is exactly what's happening. We ARE birthing the New World. And since we have all been born and are living at this time, we might as well fasten our seat belts and get to work. Learn how to ride this wave of change with dignity. "But Auriela, why are you saying these things? Why frighten us? You are the one who is always so positive and optimistic about the future... . It's hard enough, Auriela, where is the hope? Where is The Possible you always talk about?" This is precisely why I am writing this blog. I want to shed some Light on chaos and crises and change, to share some productive ways of handling them, or better said - of harnessing them. These changes are not "punishment from God" as some would have us believe.

The Past is dying, regardless of our opinion on the matter.

The old ways of being, of acting, of responding to life are not working too well and will work less and less. Dominating, controlling, overpowering, plowing through... is not going to do it.

Read the Food for Thought below. It will give you the Perspective and the Hope and the connection to the Power of the Possible and the Power of the Future, so you can more easily navigate your way through.

I wrote about it in The Power of the Possible on pages 26 -27 and

32-37. Just reading them will immediately shift your energy to a higher vibration and will help you handle change better. To connect to Hope and to understand the Resonance of America, read pp.32-36 and pp.37-41 Also: the last Chapter: In Conclusion, pp.255-258.

* * * Food for Thought. Chaos always precedes and follows Change. Positive or negative, chaos and change create disruption, break the routine, and having an established routine makes life easier, even if it is the routine you don't like. This is one of the main reasons why change is frightening for so many: because of the chaos that surrounds it. Here are some examples: A move, a job change, a marriage, a divorce, a promotion, being laid off or fired, a birth of a child... . I can go on and on. There is chaos before the event - and chaos after it. Since our world is changing so dramatically, the chaos is unavoidable for all of us. What is chaos? It is something that has no order and no predictability. Suddenly, things that were certain, like your job, or you income, or your relationship, or your health, or your living situation - are not. Learning how to live with the Uncertainty is the lesson we are all learning. If you fight it - you will lose. ( this is the one thing that IS certain.) If you flow with it and learn to trust in the Possible, in the good outcome, even if you can't see it, the Uncertainty will become your friend, and it will take you to the other side. And this is where Hope comes in. Hope: one of our MOST POWERFUL tools. I cannot stress this enough. Teach yourself how to hope, if it is not something that comes naturally. And take it seriously. Regardless of how things look, hope for the good outcome, even against all odds. Hope for amazing, new and expansive Possibilities without trying to define them. Allow yourself to be surprised by them, for they will always be more than what you can imagine. Connect in this way to the positive, incredible Future that you can't yet see from where you are, while in the midst of chaos and change. It is a proven fact that people with serious maladies, those who have lost hope and therefore cannot imagine a positive future outcome for themselves, don't heal.

But as soon as they emotionally connect to the Possibility of a turnaround, to a possibility of healing, to the Future where they are well, they begin to get better. What gets them there? Hope. And so will Gratitude. If in the midst of chaos, you can find a way to feel grateful - you will begin to shift. It is impossible to continue to feel unhappy if you touch gratitude.

Such an elegant way to change. To consciously remember something or someone you are grateful for. As soon as you do, you will feel lighter. In the midst of chaos, understanding what's happening and why you feel the way you do is often enough to shift you to a better place. Add to it Hope and Gratitude and Trust in the Future with a positive outcome, do it consciously- and you will have magic! Here is an idea: Write a little note to yourself, a reminder to turn to hope, or to remember something you are so thankful for, and carry it in your pocket. Put a post-it with these words on your mirror or on your dashboard. This is not silly. This is taking charge of your life. The opposite of controlling and overpowering. Why make a note? So you don't forget what to do, how to help yourself when you begin to spiral down.

Because in the midst of emotions, gripped by fear or doubt, it is very hard to have a clear mind. So have the humility, put reminders around your space, until turning to Hope becomes automatic. This is another step to living consciously. YOU are the navigator of the ship called "My Life." Be a good captain. When going through the fog of chaos and change, turn to the Possibility, let the Positive Future pull you towards it. Fear won't get you there. Feeling sorry for yourself won't either, nor would the good old fall-back - blame. Hope and Trust and expecting that something good is on the way - will.

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