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Rage? But I am a nice person, I don't do rage!

Rage? But I am a nice person, I don't do rage! Here is what happened at the recent class as I was teaching. Suddenly and seemingly "out of the blue" a very "unsexy" topic of rage was in our face. And it was demanding attention. Rage???? Why not work with something much more attractive, much more exciting like abundance, or success, or creating more love in your life? (Actually, that was my plan for the evening. Believe me, if it had been "up to me," I wouldn't be working with rage in the first month of the School. I wouldn't be bringing heavy artillery right at the start. But I follow my guidance and this is where it was taking me that night.) Why rage? I'll tell you why. Because as long as you are blocked by rage, it is going to be pretty darn hard to manifest any lasting success and any real abundance in your life. And as for love - what do you think being filled with rage does to you and your relationship with love? Moi? Filled with rage? What are you talking about, Auriela? I am a nice person, a good person, I don't' "do rage... ." Let's identify what I mean by rage first. Many people use the word rage as a synonym of anger: "Rage is loud anger, stronger anger, angrier anger..." Not so. More often than not, rage is not loud at all, and not in your face. It is usually very quiet, silent and deadly. Deadly to you. And deadly to others when it eventually spills out of you. When someone demeans your character, humiliates you, insults your dignity and devalues you as a human being - you experience rage. Any one of these (or all of them) will produce it. When someone treats you this way you experience a huge loss of power. It is as if you have just been punched in the gut. As if something inside you has been punctured and is now leaking. What are you leaking? Your power. Your energy. Your life force. When this happens, you are usually unable to respond. Or if you do, it does nothing to make you feel better. And you can't shake off the experience. Think about it. You have been punched and punctured, and you've lost some of your power. And not just that - you are now leaking that power, that energy, getting weaker, losing your life force, and in most cases - you have no idea of what has just happened to you.

You may think you are angry, but it is more than that. Anger can be felt and let go of. It takes energy and effort to keep bringing anger back. Anger will dissipate with time. Rage will not. It will sit inside until you are ready to deal with it, "repair the leak," take your power back. But you need to know how to do it first. Now imagine years, decades of instances of rage... layer upon layer, unattended. Poisoning you, making you weaker... Is it any wonder that you want to leave the job you hate, but you just can't... ?

You want to leave the relationship... but it is too hard...? You say you want to meet someone, but it's just too much work...?You want to go after your dream, but you just don't have what it takes... ? You've lost too much power, too much energy over the years. No, rage is not something you can ignore.

It is a time bomb hidden inside your body, ticking away, ticking away. It needs to be acknowledged, uncovered and dismantled. And the good news is it can be done. And it can be done safely. And it's not that from then on you will never experience rage again.

But you will know how to handle it, how to respond to it, how to take care of yourself, close the leak, repair the damage and get your power back! You could do it as soon as it happens or soon enough. This is what we worked with at our last class. Unexpectedly, surprisingly, magically. And let me tell you: It was powerful, powerful work. I was blown away by the readiness and by the vulnerability of everyone in the class. I was honored to be part of it . Honored and deeply touched. I know that most of you live around the country and the world and couldn't attend even if you wanted to. There will be other opportunities. I am working on offering the course on line through a series of teleclasses, and I will let you know as soon as I am ready. All for now.


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