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Who Am I? Why Am I Here - The Ultimate Drive.

Hello, dear friends, I want to thank all of you, my readers, my listeners, my students-teachers...I feel so grateful every time I get a happy email telling me that reading my newsletters, thinking about the concepts and applying them is making a difference in your life. This is incredibly heart-warming to me, because I get as much out of writing them as you - out of reading them. Maybe more. And your questions - I love getting them. Underneath them all - the age-old question that won't go away: Why I am here? What's my purpose? What is it all about? Just the other day, I got an email with the subject line: Who am I and why do I want to change? from a dear friend and client from the East Coast. Let me share with you some insights on these most important of all questions. To my Tuesday night class: we will look at this in depth this coming Tuesday. To the those of you who live all over the country and the world ( the majority of my readers) - read my this week's food for thought below.

Here is this week's Food for Thought.

"Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" The same question asked over and over, by people young and old, everywhere, throughout time. Centuries pass, bringing changes beyond imagination... and still, the same question, asked again and again.... Why hasn't it been answered? By some of the greatest minds ever walking this earth? It has been, though never fully. Because the answers are shrouded in Mystery and mystery by definition can never be unraveled fully. Because the answers are as unique as the person asking the question. And also, because each person - each man, woman and child - must find these answers on their own. No one can tell you who you are. No one can tell you why you are here. You won't believe it if they did anyway. This is your own quest. A spiritual quest for meaning. And it won't leave because at its essence is your hunger and thirst for the connection to the Divine. You long to remove the veil of separation. The separation that is humanity's Ultimate Pain... The reason behind all seeking. This is the Ultimate Human Drive. Yours, mine and everyone else's. It always was and always will be. Driven to find the connection, trying and failing, falling down and getting up, you seek to understand the Mystery of Life. The Mystery of Being, the Mystery of Self and ultimately - the Mystery of God... How could these Mysteries ever be uncovered? They can't. They are not supposed to be. But we grow and become more for having sought.. Because it is not about finding the answers. It is about getting to the place where you are ready to ask the question. Getting to where the question suddenly matters. Realizing that ultimately - it is the only thing that matters. Because when it does - everything else falls into place and begins to make sense. Then it is easy to see that the Ultimate Desire is Happiness. And the Ultimate Need is to love: or rather - to be Loving. Yes, you read it correctly. Not your health, or wealth, or your success. And not even - you being loved... We all want them - to one extent or another. And of course, they are all important and wonderful to have. And you will have a much greater chance of having them if you are clear on what ultimately matters. Find what makes you happy - and cultivate it. Is it spending time with a dear friend? A walk in the wood? Crawling in bed with a good book? Dancing by yourself in complete abandon? Playing with your child? Loosing yourself in the creative project? Find what it is - And give yourself permission to do it. Be happy. Don't wait for others to give you this permission. You, give the permission to yourself! Then think about those you love. Immerse yourself into the feeling. How much you love them! (without - the "do they love me back?" or "why don't they love me more?") Feel your love for them, and let the love take you over... And then - ponder your own mystery. Become fascinated with you. In the best sense of the word. Wonder at yourself. Why did you say what you just said? Why suddenly - these tears? Why this feeling in your gut? Why the shutting off? Why anger? Why this burst of joy? No self-judgment. Just wonder. Start there. And take it deeper. Until the path opens up. The one that's right for you. The one you will know to take... Take it then. Take it as far as it goes. Then take another... Driven by the only true drive - the Ultimate drive...delving deeper and deeper into the Mystery, the Mystery of You. All for now. Much love to you, always. And remember: NEVER EVER give up Hope!


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