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How Can A Good Book Be Bad For Me?

Last night I finished reading yet another beautifully written book that had made me feel bad. What do I mean by bad? - Hopeless. And it takes a lot to make me feel this way. It didn't last of course, because it is so foreign to who I am. Still, I was affected. I had to consciously shift out of this energy by remembering the truth:

Goodness and Truth always prevail. Then I thought about the love I have in my life and all the beautiful things I am grateful for. After that, I sat down to write this blog. This is the third book I read recently that was filled with lonely people and the "no way out" message. A book where the author touched the depth of human pain and found so little hope for the future of the human condition. I could not put the book down because the story was gripping and very well written. Because as I writer I take such deep pleasure in well-written prose (poetry too, of course.) For me, reading good literature is an aphrodisiac, food for soul, an awe-inspiring experience. And because I was hoping that in the end I will be lifted out of the dreary darkness into the light of hope and possibility. Alas, it did not happen.

Here is this week's Food for Thought. When you read a book, you get the author's perspective on life, and if the author is pessimistic by nature, no matter how well the book is written, you will be affected by this energy. That's why, by the time I put each of these books down - I was overcome with immeasurable sadness. Sadness that had no hope in it. It wasn't the sadness you feel because you love the book so much you wanted it to go on forever. But the overall sadness about life. As if human beings are destined to live in pain, unable to express their deepest longings, unable to ever be understood by the ones they love. Luckily I know better, and I know this is not true. Luckily I am strong enough not to buy into this paradigm and it didn't take me long to shift back to my normal self. But what about the readers who are more susceptible to hopelessness? It will just "confirm what they already know," wouldn't it? Bring them down, contribute to their unhappiness, create a chain reaction of things not working out...(read on, I will explain what I mean.) You notice I am not mentioning the books' titles here. I do not want to promote this way of seeing the world. I have never subscribed to it. And like I said earlier, I know it is not true. Hopelessness never had any appeal for me. Even at those times when I had no logical reason for hope of any kind. And I had those times in my life. Just like you did. Just like everyone living on this planet did. It was by the Grace of God that somehow, in ways I could never find words to describe at the time, I always knew that something better was possible and that it was possible for me too. I could not "un-know" it, no matter how dark life would be for me at those times. I was lucky to have that. To be born knowing this innately. Back in the former Soviet Union, my old English teacher used to call me "a butterfly", implying I was not "deep" enough to see "the gravity of life." Little did we both know that in its mysterious ways the Universe was giving me a wink. A butterfly: a symbol of transcendence. Not transformation, because the butterfly is not a better, improved version of a former caterpillar but a different species all together. A species that has transcended the form and conditions where it was doomed to crawl and - grew wings, grew a colorful body and became something entirely new, something that would discover the beauty of flowers and the freedom of flying to the sky. Why am I writing about it today, and why did I start with mentioning the books I read? Remember the Law of Resonance? I talked and wrote about it so much in The Power of the Possible, in my radio shows, and in one of the blogs as well. I will continue to talk about it for years to come, because more and more - our world is moving into Resonant Reality Causation. More and more, and faster and faster. Think about it. Resonant Reality Causation. Now that's a mouthful. Indeed, it is. But what does it mean??? In a few words: Like attracts like. Which is nothing new, except in this fast-changing world it is not something you can continue to ignore. Like also generates like and multiplies it. Watch a movie with a dark, negative message showing you that things never work out... spend even 10 minutes with a pessimistic, cynical person listening to them blame and complain... read a book, even a well-written one that shows you that you "live alone and you die alone"... and see what happens to how you feel. And once you feel unhappy, irritable, fearful, worried, watch things starting to fall apart all around you: a fight with a loved one, a business deal canceled, a telephone call with bad news... Think it is a coincidence? Come on. Even school children today know better than that. Now - go spend an hour walking on the beach, or go dancing, or watch a good comedy, or call a friend who always makes you feel good because of his or her positive, optimistic attitude. And - notice how you feel. Then - go and make that business call, ask for that deposit on a sale, call for a ticket to a sold-out concert, and see what happens! That's what Resonant Causation means. Your resonance - creating your reality for you. All the feelings that swirl inside you, ( which are all vibrational frequencies), the entire spectrum of them, from hopelessness, to joy, and to love. Your specific, unique ratio of each of the feelings you feel at the moment, coming together and creating a Whole that is greater than the sum of its parts: Synergy.

A standing wave of energy, Your own Personal Resonance. If you want to understand it deeper - it is on pages 32 to 38 in The Power of the Possible. If the book is on your book shelf - pull it out and read theses few pages. Even if it is nothing new to you. Understanding this and living from this place is so important, it needs to becomes second nature to you. So that you leave the conversation as soon as you hear about "doom and gloom," so that you recognize when you yourself are not in a positive place and so DON'T make an important call, DON'T go on that important date... until you consciously shift into a different resonance. I wrote about it in Chapter One of the book, because I wanted to set the tone for rest of it. It is that important. If you don't have the book yet, get it and read these pages. Understand how it works. It appears simple, yet it is very complex. Take it seriously. Pretty soon, this truth will become common knowledge. The better you understand it and live by it, the better your life will work and the happier you will feel. "But Auriela, why did you read three books in a row that have a negative message?" Guilty as charged. Lesson learned yet again! I was drawn in, because they were so well written. I hunger for good literature and I was hoping for a different ending. If your read something wonderful lately, please, share with me, I would really appreciate it. All for now.

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