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Negative Ego - Life Destroyer.

This blog is about the Negative Ego and the way it goes about destroying people's lives.

Here is Food for Thought on this very important subject.

Among the many voices we hear inside our heads, there is one particular voice we need to learn to recognize as quickly as possible.

Recognize, and - dismiss it!

It is a voice that interprets everything that happens (or does not happen) to us and gives it its own spin. The spin that is the most destructive

to our life and our well-being.

The scariest things is that when this happens, unless we have this information and have taught ourselves how to recognize this voice, we believe these are our own thoughts. Without going into detail - this will be for the next blog, I will tell you this. I taught a class on the Negative Ego not long ago. It was the class I taught in person, something I do often.

It was also the first class ever where absolutely everyone fell asleep during the meditation to meet their Negative Ego face to face(!). Yes, it's true. Every one of my beautiful, conscious, powerful students was "gone" as soon as the Ego showed up. Have I gotten your attention? Yes, this is exactly how the Negative Ego works. And it is perfectly capable of turning on sudden "brain fog," if this will distract you from exposing it. The good news: Your Ego has no Power unless you give it to it.

The bad news: More often than not, you are giving it way too much of your Power.

More good news:

Since it is Your Power, you can always take it back! With a caveat: to do this you need to understand the mechanics of how it works. If you are still reading this - again, good news. It means not all your power has gone to the Negative Ego.

If you think I am joking, let me assure you, I am not. There is nothing even remotely benign about the subject. MORE -in the next blog, with examples and explanations.

All for now.

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