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I am sitting at my desk, looking at my book The Power of the Possible… Only 2 weeks are left before it is in the stores everywhere, on January 8th, but my own copies are already here, sent to me by my publisher in advance of the book's release. It as an amazing feeling, to hold your book in your hands for the first time. Over two years, from start to finish, and here is it! Nothing more can be changed, added or taken out. The cover art, the font, the lay out of pages, the quotes, my photo on the back flap, my bio, the endorsements, the dedication… it’s all there, all done. And here I am, sitting with the book in my hand, near tears. What can I say? I have more feelings than I can describe. I can’t be objective, I know, and that’s why I am thrilled that everything looks so good to me. So many details could have gone wrong during the production phase, but they did not. In my totally subjective opinion, the book looks great! It is my creation and yet it no longer is. Even now, as I am looking at it, it is already changing. No longer mine, the book has its own life, its own destiny in the world. You give birth to a child and it steals your heart. You never own your child. At best, you are a guardian, and even this, for a finite time only. You raise the child and then comes the time when you must set them free. It will break your heart, and it will expand it, creating more space for love. “That you came to love it, that was the gift,” as Jane Hirschfield writes in her poem The White Bull. I put my heart and soul into the writing of The Power of the Possible and it has gifted me back a thousand fold. Nothing I’ve done in my entire life has brought me more bliss. Nothing else has turned me inside out quite this way. And for this I am forever grateful. I now set it free.

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